Pup Walks Brother To School Bus And Thanks Driver Every Time


It took time before the friendship between Lucy and her brother gained ground.When they got close, Lucy always saw him off to school by walking him to the school bus.Lucy even made friends with the bus driver, whom she thanked for making her brother safe!It took quite some time before pit bull Lucy and her five-year-old brother found their rhythm together. It took them daily walks, everyday send-off routines, and one bus driver.

Initially, Lucy’s social skills didn’t work for her brother because he wanted some personal space — which Lucy understood so she gave him time to warm up.“My son is 5 years old and is nonverbal,” Miranda Peterson, Lucy’s mom, told The Dodo. “He has autism spectrum disorder… He did NOT like her for the first year of her life.”

The two started gaining ground when Miranda’s husband began a daily walk with his son and brought Lucy along. It soon become their everyday thing.

“No matter the weather, the three of them go on a walk. The daily outing helped my son bond with Lucy, so now he loves playing fetch with her, pouring her food in her bowl every day, and occasionally he’ll go and pet her,” Miranda shared.

With their bond getting stronger, Lucy started waiting for the bus to come every day. She’d go outside and send her brother off to school then waits for him to be home later in the day.

Lucy and her brother now share a ‘friend’: the bus driver.

“One day she ran inside the bus to follow her brother, and that’s when she officially met the bus driver,” Miranda said.

Lucy and the bus driver became pretty close, too. Both of them were excited to greet each other every time the bus stopped in front of the house.

That also became Lucy’s favorite time of the day. She walks her brother to the bus and also gets to greet her new friend. It seemed like she was expressing her gratitude to him for bringing her brother home safe. After all, Lucy seems to sense that her brother is special in a wonderful way.

“She is like a little alarm clock and lets me know when the bus is outside,” Miranda said. “She immediately starts whining and waits by the door. I always ask her to wait until the bus driver helps my son get off, and as soon as I say, ‘OK,’ she runs to him for a quick pet then runs back to me as if she’s telling me, ‘Mom! He’s here! It’s really him!’”

Every time the bus arrives, Lucy couldn’t hold her excitement. She loved welcoming her brother back home and thanking the driver for bringing him home safely.

Source: The Dodo