Puppy Dragged Through Mud In Glue Makes Miraculous Recovery Thanks To Caring Rescue

This heartbreaking story is hard to hear, but its happy ending is truly miraculous.In Turkey, a group of kids found sick entertainment in torturing a 4-month-old puppy. They covered him in industrial glue, dragged him through the dirt and mud, and left him to die. (Can you imagine such an evil streak in children?!)But the puppy, named Pascal, survived; and as the glue and debris hardened, he became a living statue.

When he was arrived at He’Art of Rescue, he was terrified of humans, still expecting the worst. But the caring staff did their best to ease his fear. In order to remove the layer of mud and glue that had cemented itself to his fur, Pascal had to have his entire coat removed. Underneath, his skin was burned from the chemicals in the glue, so he began receiving medical baths to treat it.

Then, more bad news: Pascal was tested positive for Parvo, a lethal disease that is especially dangerous to puppies. But He’Art of Rescue was determined to get this little fighter back on his feet.

Isn’t he so beautiful?! He even has a new friend! Aside from his physical appearance, Pascal’s demeanor has completely changed. It’s evident that he’s been well cared for, and before long, he’ll be ready for his forever home!

Without treatment from He’Art of Rescue, this puppy would never have survived. The organization is a non-profit based in Istanbul, Turkey with a mission to give strays in critical condition a second chance.