Puppy Falls In Love With The Beach Waterslide & Demands To Have His Own Turn Too

Bento is a curious Golden Retriever puppy who is just starting to discover the amazing world around him. His owners recently took him to a beach in Brazil and realized that their adorable puppy has a distinct adventurous streak!As Bento was strolling down the beach with his owners, he stumbled upon people using the beach’s thrilling waterslide ride.

Bento was awestruck and he simply stopped in his tracks to watch the adventurous beach-goers slide down into the water and make a big splash. Bento knew he was missing out on the fun, so he immediately jumped in too!In the video below, we see Bento go on a splashing ride down the waterslide.

He shows no apprehension at all and fearlessly dives down the slide like a true adrenaline junkie. He is definitely one happy boy when he finally hits the water on the sunny beach!

Bento’s owners were delighted at their puppy’s fun-loving disposition and they decided to let him have all the fun that he wanted. Bento knows how to have a good time and it sure looks like he had the most fun on the beach that day. We wish Bento a life filled with many fun and memorable adventures.