Puppy Gets Overly Excited While Eating Dinner, Mom Can’t Control Her Laughter


Puppies are literally hungry all the time. Their growth track is phenomenally rapid, so they really do need all the calories they can get to sustain their little bodies during this spurt of time. If you have ever been lucky enough to own a puppy, you know that they get excessively excited when it is mealtime.

It’s like their whole body wants to become the mouth so they can ingest the food quicker! It is one of the cutest things to watch.This little Boston Terrier puppy is no exception. In fact, we think maybe he is the perfect example to this funny little fact. He starts to eat, and his tiny mouth just isn’t going fast enough! His whole body begins to cheer him on.

In fact, his hind legs actually begin to unconsciously lift up into the air! This continues to happen while Mom and Dad are laughing out loud in the background.

They eventually have to step in because this little pup nearly sends himself flying off the table! Thankfully they were right there to save him.

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