Puppy Loves Seeing “His” Kids Off To “School”

Bentley the golden retriever insists on seeing “his” two younger children off to the school bus.The bus driver greets him “Hi, Bentley!” on the loudspeaker to put him at ease.The pandemic has made Bentley miss the bus, so his mom just plays the video — and he proceeds to try to see the children off to school.Not even COVID-19 can stop Bentley from doing his job of seeing “his” kids off to school.

Bentley is a golden retriever puppy that the Nixon family got after three years of hoping for a dog that would be family-oriented, loving, and smart.He loves playing with the five kids. Back then, the two youngest girls were under hybrid learning: half the time at home and half the time in school. But when the kids would leave for school, Bentley would be so busy seeing off “his” kids, especially the two youngest ones.

At first, he was confused as to where the giant yellow object is taking his children. But the girls talked to their school bus driver about Bentley’s protectiveness and how much they care for him. So the sympathetic bus driver had a special shout-out for the pup whenever the school bus would pull up their house to make him at ease.

Their mom, Melissa, shared, “They do the loudspeaker every morning and [Bentley’s] very energetic. But as soon as he hears the loudspeaker say, ‘Hi, Bentley!’ he sits still and stern like, ‘Don’t mess with my children.’”

But with COVID restrictions and school becoming full virtual learning, the bus has not been coming around to pick the girls up. But this does not stop Bentley from letting his guard down.

Melissa said, “Every time I play the video and he hears the bus, he has to count his children. He finds each one of them and then goes to the door and wants to be let out because he wants that bus to come … I think he misses it.”

Bentley has been enjoying the days spent with the entire family at home. He even gets to participate in the girls’ online classes.

According to Melissa, “He’s confused that they can’t play at certain times and he tests out the boundaries to see how much of the schooling he can get into. He tries to jump at the screen and play with them, but now that we’ve been doing it for quite a while, he’s adjusted pretty well.”