Rescue Dog Has The Sweetest Smile When She’s Officially Adopted

When Delilah was surrendered to a shelter, she was filthy, had matted fur, broken jaw, misaligned teeth, and could barely eat.The senior dog’s leg had to be amputated and all her teeth removed.Since the surgeries, Delilah has recovered, became tri-pawed, changed into a happy dog, and officially adopted.When you rescue a dog from a neglectful situation, you see the changes that it can bring to their life. Their tails wag, their faces become brighter, and they show their appreciation by licking, yipping, kissing, hugging you. Some cling to you and play more with their siblings.

How much more when they are officially adopted to belong to its forever family and home?Senior dog Delilah was rescued by Chris and Mariesa Hughes of Clifton Park, New York. The animal-loving couple has a nonprofit, The Mr. Mo Project, that is dedicated to rescuing and fostering senior dogs and special needs pups.Years of neglect has made one of Delilah’s legs matted with fur, cutting off its blood flow and rendering Delilah unable to use that one leg.

She also had a broken jaw, misaligned teeth, and had difficulty eating.

Chris said, “It just blew my mind how someone could have a dog like this. Just in such horrendous condition.”

Poor Delilah’s leg had to be amputated and all her teeth extracted.

And because of being free from the pain that all that has caused, Delilah “came alive” and became an “incredibly different dog”, according to Mariesa.

Delilah even took to being three-legged quickly as she has gotten used to using just three of her legs.

Her sweet nature made her more endearing to Chris and Mariesa that letting her go was not an option anymore. They officially adopted her with a “pink collar” ceremony and became a member of their pack. It was not just Delilah who beamed upon being presented the collar but also her furry siblings, melting everyone’s hearts.

Mariesa said, “She’s now the dog she always wanted to be, and she may not have thought that could ever happen.”

From the family’s Instagram update on Delilah: “She was a scared, timid, sad girl when we got her. Now she is fierce and fabulous, she tries to ‘help’ me by reprimanding the big dogs for poor behaviors, she supervises from the back of the couch or above my head on the pillow.”

Delilah is a fine example of what a difference a lot of loving makes to a rescue dog.