Rescue Kitten Has Been ‘Adopted’ By Five Ferret Brothers, And Their Photos Are Adorable

When Komari was still just a kitten, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, she was found living as a stray.The tiny kitten was all alone, but luckily for her, she was about to receive a family bigger and more loving than she ever could have dreamed of.As reported by LoveMeow, Komari ended up being adopted by a family who already had five other furbabies in their home; five cuddly ferrets!

When Komari first joined the family, she was tiny and weak. She needed a lot of love and care.Once Komari settled into her new home, it was soon clear that she was now thriving..She grew stronger and healthier and formed a beautiful bond with her new ferret brothers.

Her new brothers loved her from the start and soon Komari and the ferrets would regularly snuggle up in big cuddle piles.

Now, Komari is just like one of the guys. They snack together…

Komari thinks there’s nothing better than to fall asleep safe and sound with her family all around her.

Though she had a rocky start in life, she’s certainly hit the jackpot now

She’s even gained a sixth brother!

She never has to be alone ever again. Her brothers will always have her back.