Rescued 16-Year-Old Dog Smiles His Approval All The Way To His New Home

It’s unfathomable how a 16-year-old dog with a microchip could become lost on the streets of Indianapolis but that is how Sonny ended up unclaimed at the Indy Humane Society, despite every effort to find his people.Meanwhile, Kathryn LaRoche who had been sharing her life with her cat suddenly found herself alone when her 20-year-old feline passed away. The heartbreaking experience made her realize how great senior pets could be so she began browsing the Indy Humane website.

LaRoche immediately fell in love with Sonny’s sweet face and knew his age would make it difficult for him to find a home so she made plans to meet him. But first, she began preparing her home for him.“I spent the days before the meeting making sure I had everything ready for him at home,” LaRoche said, “so that if he did come home with me he would have beds and toys.”

The day finally came that she went to the shelter and asked to meet their oldest resident. When the staff brought Sonny outside to meet her, after five minutes she knew she would be taking him home with her.

“They said I could spend about 30 minutes with him to make a decision, but I went in to fill out the paperwork after five. I could tell he was a bit nervous meeting new people, but he was just such a happy, easy-going old guy that I knew he’d be perfect for me.”

Once in the car and on their way, Sonny was thrilled to have found someone to love him. He couldn’t stop smiling his approval. The senior pup was so thankful that someone took a chance on him and it showed.

On his first night home, he never left his mom’s side and insisted on sleeping on the bed, under the covers, snuggled up next to her.

“He did make it very clear from the first night that he wanted to sleep in the bed with me under the covers,” LaRoche said. “So although I hadn’t originally planned on him being a bed dog, he is one now!”

Despite being a senior, Sonny loves to play with his toys and spend time with his new mom. He’s settling into his new home very nicely and they are the perfect match. His new mom is thrilled to have him.

“He honestly seems like a dream dog and I can’t believe I got to bring him home,” LaRoche said. “He still has so much love to give and I feel really lucky that I get to spoil him for the rest of his days.”