Rescued Kitten Finds His Best Friend, The Family Dog

It’s common for people to think that dogs and cats can’t be friends and that they don’t just go along. However, this is not the case every time. This rescued kitten found the best friend of his life in this family dog. Now they can’t live without each other.This white and orange kitten was discovered in Denver, Colorado. But the man who found him was allergic to cats, so the kitten to the groomer to help him.

Kenya, the pet grooming shop owner, started to look for a home for the kitten. She shared a photo of the little baby on her Instagram to see if anyone can adopt him, yet it was very hard to find him a family.Popsicle is his name and even though Kenya went to many shelters to see if someone can adopt him, she couldn’t make it successfully. After a few days, she changed her mind and decided to leave the kitten with her. She saw something that made her consider leaving the kitten in the house.

She saw the kitten and her dog cuddling in the house! The dog is very active and the kitten joined him and they seemed to be friends from first sight!

Kenya said that they looked like they have known each other for a long time. They always wanted to stay together.

But Kenya was still willing to give the cat to someone. However, after a week, the cat was officially a member of the family. She is Edward’s best friend now! She couldn’t leave the cat as her dog loved him a lot. If this is not unconditional love, what is!

In spite of the reputation that dogs and cats have as companions, they were sweethearts after all. When they grow up together, they become happy and adapt very well with each other. They will never be lonely again. They found the ultimate friendship.