Rescued Pit Bull Can’t Stop Chatting About How Happy She Is In Her New Home

Maisy lived her entire three years outdoors and alone. The only time she received attention is when her previous owners wanted to breed her. Unfortunately for Maisy, she never could conceive so her owners decided to euthanize her.Maisy ended up in a shelter but her luck soon changed when she was rescued by Marisa Elbert.

Marisa had suffered some major losses of her own and she knew she had to take Maisy home with her. The two instantly bonded in the sweetest way.Maisy had some adjusting to do since she was now an indoor dog but she could not stop showing her appreciation by happily chatting to Marisa.

Maisy must have a lot to say because she talks about her ball, her toys, her play time, and her horses.

It’s hard to believe someone dumped this adorable girl but now she is living a great life and still talking all about it.