Rescued Shelter Pup Brings Mom To Tears When He Shows Her His Appreciation


Dogs are some of the most intuitive creatures on earth. They know when we’re happy, sad, or just need a hug. Conversely, they also feel emotional pain. They know when they need help, have been dumped, and experience loneliness.Since they’re so sensitive to their surroundings and people, finding themselves living in a shelter is difficult for most dogs.

The shelter environment is very stressful, confusing, and scary. Especially for pets ripped from all they’ve ever known and loved.The lucky ones get adopted into forever homes, getting a second chance at life. Such was the case of this sweet little dog who is taking his first car ride with his new mom after being rescued from a shelter.

As they head home together, the little white and brown pup shows appreciation by cuddling up close to mom’s hand and covering her wrist with a tiny paw. As if that’s not sweet enough, he also cradles his head in her hand. Each time his new mom pulls away to stroke and comfort him, he paws at her hand again, as if to hold it.

Overcome with tears at the pups reaction to being rescued, mom videos the sweet doggo. As she cries, the little dog is already showing his concern for her and tries to comfort her back!

This sweet rescue story was made in heaven. We’re sure this dog will forever be grateful for being rescued by such a wonderful person and they will enjoy many years of the best kind of friendship together.

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