Restaurant Owner Serves Dinner To All The Stray Dogs That Show Up Every Night

Five years ago, a restaurant owner took pity on a stray dog and served her dinner. No one knew at the time that this one act of kindness would turn into a tradition of feeding homeless dogs in the community each night.It all began when a hungry, stray dog gazed into the window of a restaurant called, Ajilalo, in Peru. The restaurant owner, Gerardo Ortiz, saw the hunger in the dog’s eyes and was moved with compassion so he cooked a special dinner just for her.

From that day on, the hungry dog arrived for her evening meal, which she paid for with a wag of her tail. The pup could have been turned away at any time, however, the kind Mr. Ortiz began a nightly tradition of feeding the grateful dog.Like all happy restaurant customers, the pooch must have spread the word about the good food being served at Ajialo because soon more strays began arriving at the restaurant door. Of course, they were also served a meal, too.

As days passed, more homeless dogs were showing up to dine in style every night. Many became regular customers and the new ones were never turned away. Thanks to the compassion of Mr. Ortiz, all the dogs who showed up were fed a meal.

Mr. Ortiz said his furry guests make the best customers. All the pups are grateful to be fed and he never minds when he sees a new dog looking through the window hoping the canine rumor mill is true, you’ll be shown kindness and be fed by Mr. Ortiz.

For me, they are the best customers,” Ortiz told The Dodo.

The kindness toward the dogs doesn’t end with Mr. Ortiz, either. Soon his customers began bringing food to feed the dogs. Thankfully, the customers enjoy the compassion that the restaurant is showing the hungry strays.

“Thankfully, our clients have reacted well to the dogs,” Ortiz said. “They are affectionate toward them.”

Mr. Ortiz is obviously an animal lover and thanks to him, countless dogs have a better life. Of course, it would be best if all could find loving homes but at least they are shown love, kindness, and go to sleep each night with some full bellies, all thanks to Mr. Ortiz and his wonderful customers.

“They do not pay us with money, but they pay us with their happiness and wagging tails,” Ortiz said. “They are very grateful, and we enjoy giving more than receiving. Since I was a child, I have loved animals. My mother always taught us to help others, both people and animals. She’s my inspiration.”