Retiring Sniffer Dogs Unwilling To Leave Their Handlers After Ceremony

A Chinese fire department recently held a ceremony for their five retiring sniffer dogs, and the heart-wrenching footage took the internet by storm. Over their years of service, these dogs would help search for people after earthquakes and assist in other rescue missions. But now being between the ages of 8 and 10 years old, it was time for these particular pooches to move on to a much-deserved break in life.

But when it came time to transfer the working dogs over to their new partners, the dogs had a hard time leaving their firefighter companions behind. One dog can be seen standing and reaching for his former handler as another faithful canine rests his paws on his old partner’s hand refusing to go.

As sad as this may be, these dogs are going on to forever homes to live out their lives like normal dogs.

They’ll never forget their handlers, but they will soon form the same loving bonds with their new humans! It’s just another reminder that a dog’s loyalty knows no bounds.