Rottweiler Purrs Like A Cat When He Gets Snuggled By Mom

Have you ever heard of the “rottie rumble?” Apparently it’s a thing that happy rottweilers do. You pet, they rumble. And, it’s the cutest thing ever as you’ll see in this video.What is the rottie rumble? Some rottweilers will rumble, grumble, and purr like a cat when they are content. The sound comes deep from their throat and can sound intimidating but it’s actually a happy sound, like a cat purring.

As notorious guard dogs, rotties are strong and courageous but they also make loveable family pets. They are a very vocal breed; despite they are not known to be big barkers.They love attention from their family and plenty of rubs and cuddles, too. They can be one hundred pound lap dogs that just happen to be wrapped up in a very muscular and athletic body.

You’ll see in this video the cutest rottie ever getting hugs from his fur momma. The dog’s mom gives hugs and doggy scratches and the massive dog leans in for more. Intimidating sounds like a purr or a growl come from deep in the chest.

If one didn’t know better, the sound could be a little more than scary but when you look at the sweet face, you realize the dog is in heaven. Friends who are gathered round are laughing at the rumbles and the dog seems to be eating up all the attention.

One thing for sure, as cute as this video is, it is important to be able to distinguish between rumbles and warning growls. However, most rottie owners will tell you, when their dogs are done with snuggle time, they simply walk away to take a nap or play. Savvy dog owners know the difference between the sweet groans and true growls.

We hope you enjoy this super cute pup purring in happiness.