Service Dog Enjoys A Day Out In Animal Kingdom & Meets His Favorite Disney Hero

Henry the Golden Retriever is a service dog from Nashville, Tennessee. He helps his owner, Jessica Paulsen, with her chronic illness called “postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome”. This condition causes rapid heartbeats and a sudden loss of consciousness.

Henry recently accompanied Jessica to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, where the working pooch was thrilled to meet “Dug”, his favorite furry character from the movie “Up”. Henry lost his cool the moment he spotted Dug, and ran excitedly to greet him with hugs and cuddles! He was over the moon when Dug embraced him back!

“Up” is a 2009 Disney-Pixar movie where Dug’s character as a heartwarming Golden Retriever was deeply appreciated. No wonder Henry idolizes Dug and poses brightly to get clicked with his favorite hero. He was also happy to meet Russel, another beloved character from the same movie!

Henry spent the rest of the trip visiting magical castles and posing with other cartoon characters.

Jessica feels that Henry is a hardworking dog and he deserves every bit of the fun-filled activities that he enjoyed on this adventurous trip. We wish Henry and Jessica many more adventures together! What a sweet bond!