Shadow The Mastiff Went Into Labor And Gave Birth To A Record-Setting Litter

Shadow the Neapolitan Mastiff went into labor at home and would go on to set an Australian record of giving birth to a 21-puppy litter! The dog delivered three at home but then went four hours of no further activity, so her owner took her in to Animal Emergency Service in Underwood.

When they learned she had more than 10 puppies left to go, she was prepped for an emergency cesarean. Shadow was having a hard time, and vets had to perform a life-saving ovariohysterectomy. Vets and nurses removed 18 more puppies bringing the total to 21 of which 18 ended up surviving.

Shadow recovered and is doing well now resting at home with her pups. She came up four puppies shy of beating the world record set by another Neapolitan Mastiff who birthed 24 pups back in 2004.