Sheep Discovers How To Use A Trampoline And Has A Blast

Jumping is fun, don’t you think? From the time kids learn to walk, they begin hoping and jumping, having a good time. Add a trampoline and it kicks up the fun a serious notch. And, not only for humans, animals like jumping on the trampoline, too.Take this sheep, for example.Yes, a sheep.Jumping on a trampoline.

And, not just any old sheep, this chubby, wooly, big ‘ol sheep is jumping on a trampoline just like it’s a totally normal thing.This sheep has style, too. It sort of lifts its front legs while propelling itself with its back legs and gets some serious air, for a sheep that is. Up and down, up and down, we’re not sure how many times but it’s a lot!

The hilarious sheep even begins pawing at the trampoline. You’ve got to wonder what its thinking. Which, might leave you thinking…next time you can’t sleep you can count hopping sheep instead.

Apparently, humans are not the only creatures that like jumping up and down, over and over. Along with this sheep, there are videos of other animals enjoying a good time on a trampoline.

You can find dogs, cats, fox, a buffalo, goats, monkeys, and even a bear bouncing up and down, having a great time. Maybe these animals have the right idea and getting on a trampoline will add some fun and happiness to your day.