Shelter Dog Refused To Go Anywhere Or Even Be Adopted Without His Food Dish

Oliver was rescued as a stray when animal control officers set up a humane trap to capture him as he would always run away when anyone got close. He stayed in a family’s backyard in Memphis, Tennessee, just keeping to himself unless someone approached.The dog was taken to Memphis Animal Services, and it seemed as if he’d had a home or someone had taken care of him at one point in his life.

He was smart and friendly and loved food more than anything.Oliver’s love for eating carried over into him becoming very attached to his food bowl. And he’d carry it around with him everywhere he’d go. Workers would see the dog with the dish in his mouth while in his kennel, and it even helped him get some more food.

They think Oliver either picked up this trick from someone in his past or that he’d been so starved and without food for such a long period of time that he feared losing sight of his bowl meant never getting fed again.

He continued carrying his bowl around throughout his entire stay at the shelter, and everyone fell in love with the adorable act. Staffers took pictures and posted them to social media, and Oliver took the internet by storm.

It helped him gain the attention needed to receive lots of adoption inquiries!

It led to Oliver getting his forever family, but he wasn’t leaving that shelter without his trusty bowl!

Whatever the reason Oliver picked up this little quirk, it helped him get the home he’s always deserved. And he’ll never have to worry about going hungry in the future.