Shelter Dog With Rough Past Waiting For 2 Years For Someone To Adopt Him

Bob, a stray dog, was rescued and brought to RSPCA in April 2019.With a tough past, Bob had to undergo some trainings to address his behavioral concerns.RSPCA was able to train Bob very well, who’s now all ready to have a forever family!In April 2019, a stray dog named Bob was found injured. He was then taken to a kennel, and his life has changed since then.Bob had a rough past based on his behavior. As soon as he arrived at RSPCA, he was seen with some behavioral challenges.

Jake Cowing, RSPCA staff, said that the pup had always been scared of walking on a leash and being in a crate. The shelter suspected that he was improperly trained to do these things.All these motivated the shelter to train Bob. So, he and his trainers worked really hard to bring out the best in him.The initiative paid off, and Bob has overcome his fears. He is now able to walk on a long leash, although he still prefers to run free whenever possible.

According to Jake, they “spent an extended period of time working with Bob behaviorally and helping prepare him for a new home.” He was ready to meet his forever family, but lockdown happened, and it delayed the search for Bob’s home — making it harder for potential families to come in and meet him.

“He’s such a fabulous lad with a great character and I hope we can find him the right family,” Jake added.

Over the years since he was brought to the RSPCA, Bob has watched 221 dogs get adopted and has been waiting for someone to adopt him for 775 days now.

“Two years is a long, long time — and Bob has spent more than two-thirds of his life in kennels,” Jake said.

The RSPCA is very much willing to work with Bob’s new family and provide them support with trainings he would still need. All that’s left unfilled is the right family who will welcome him with arms open wide.

“While we’ve done the best for him, we desperately want to see him in a home of his own with someone who can give him the life he deserves! He has overcome a tough past and is our champion, a survivor and our friend,” Jake shared. “He’s a big, silly clown who will change the life of his adopters. And anyone who takes him on will certainly change his.”

He added, “As we got to know him, we discovered that he is an absolute sweetheart. He’s very friendly and loves to play. Once he trusts you, he is the most loyal companion and friend you’ll ever find.”