Shelter Reaches Out To Public After Several Puppies Get Dumped In Freezing Cold

Virginia’s Homeward Trails Animal Rescue is having a hard time after rescuing several puppies dumped mercilessly in the freezing cold.The shelter has also registered an uptick in the number of “unwanted” puppies being casually surrendered by the owners over the winter.The situation is only getting worse as one of the shelter’s rural partners recently reported a staggering 20 puppies dumped in a single day! All the puppies are around 4-month-old.

These shivering and starving puppies are now facing extreme survival issues, while the shelter is also struggling to provide them the required help due to resource constraints.The shelter is deeply concerned over the fate of these dumped puppies. Currently, the overcrowded shelter has not been able to take in any more rescues, irrespective of the urgency.

If the shelter remains overburdened, they might have to make the difficult call to euthanize some of these adorable puppies.

The shelter hopes that animal lovers come forward to provide forever homes, or even temporary foster homes, for these unlucky puppies.

If you wish to assist the shelter and bail out the puppies from this critical situation, you can visit their website here.

Let’s spread the word and help these puppies find homes!