Shelter Staff Tuck Each Dog In Every Night To Remind Them ‘They’re Loved’

The Always and Furever Animal Sanctuary has a communal area for dogs in their care for them to experience the comforts of a home.This area also simulates a real home where dogs are allowed to sleep on a couch, run in a laundry area, and tuck in to sleep.This enables the dogs to adjust easily to their furever homes when they finally get adopted.When animals end up in a shelter, it is a new environment that they have to adjust to. They may have been strays that had to fight for their food and their life.

A shelter that gives them a taste of what a home feels like would be joy for them. This would also prepare them for eventual adoption. And if they don’t, then having felt the comforts of a home will see them through until they pass on.At Always and Furever Animal Sanctuary, they have an area called “the little red barn” where dogs get together and are free. This home-like environment relaxes and calms most of the animals who come from overcrowded shelters.

Staffer and volunteer Miranda Munden said, “The communal area is meant to be a replica of your average home environment, so that the dogs can live stress-free and decompress … until the day their furever family finds them, and if that day never comes then we will have been that home and family for them to live out their final days.”

The common area is cozy and homey with a kitchen, laundry room, leather couches, small picket fence area for those who want solitude, and classical music playing at all times of the day.

And when they go to sleep at night, each dog is individually tucked. Munden said, the dogs are reminded that “they are safe and loved, and wish them goodnight. Then we turn out the lights and turn on the moon nightlight.”

The goodnight routine depends on the number of dogs in the shelter. For large numbers, a traditional but still very genuine and heartfelt goodnight. For smaller numbers, there’s going to be a few extras like a bedtime story or a poem.

Aside from a good night’s sleep, the special routine also ensures that the dogs feel special when they wake up.

Munden said, “In the mornings, our owner starts the day bright and early and it’s always a crazy wiggle butt fest as everyone is excited to start the day and eat breakfast.”

Until they eventually find their furever homes and families, everyone at Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary will provide them with a healthy, happy, and safe sanctuary.