Shelter’s Birthday Bash For 19-yr-old Cat Helped Him Find A New Home

Sammy the cat belonged to a loving home for several years, but he sadly couldn’t come along when his owner had to go into assisted living.After Sammy wound up at the shelter, the staff found out when his birthday was, so they decided to throw him a party for his 19th birthday.The adorable event drew attention to the senior cat, who quickly found a new home!An animal shelter’s birthday bash for senior cat Sammy’s 19th birthday led to the wonderful gift of having a new home.

Sammy was previously part of “a loving home for many, many years.” But he sadly couldn’t tag along when his owner had to go into assisted living.He then arrived at Cincinnati Animal CARE in Ohio, where staff found out about his birthday.Knowing that he would spend his 19th birthday at the shelter, they threw him a very special party and shared the festive photos on Facebook.

They wrote, “Happy birthday to this beautiful fella who would love a nice, quiet home to live out his golden years!”

Sammy, who sported a sparkly hat and bow, can be seen helping himself to a heap of cat food.

The shelter also shared that Sammy was looking for a home. They wrote, “The only rule for adopting Sammy though? You have to throw him a 20th birthday party on 6/15/22!”

The adorable birthday bash gave Sammy just the publicity he needed. He ended up being adopted the very next day!

Cincinnati Animal CARE spokesperson Ray Anderson told HuffPost that the “amazingly sweet” Sammy enjoyed all the special attention.

Ray added that Sammy “likes to cuddle, likes to be held, likes to rest his head on you… He’s a very agreeable cat, as I’m sure you can tell with his spectacular hat he got to wear today. He’s very observant and likes to just sit and watch what’s going on.”

The “sweet, carefree” Sammy also loves napping in people’s laps!

Sammy may be a senior cat, but he is still in “pretty good shape” health-wise.

He noted that Sammy has “a heart murmur and a small mass under his ear, but our medical team doesn’t believe they require any special treatment,” and recommended a visit to the vet soon after adoption.

Ray added, “We’d encourage anyone whose heart is warmed by Sammy’s birthday party to adopt from their local animal shelter — they all need you right now.”