She’s Trying To Nap But Her Puppy Has A Plan So They Don’t Have To Be Apart

Is there anything cuter than kids and puppies? Ollie the Beagle pup loves his human sister, Laura Olivia, so much that he wants to be right by her side.Ollie is so small, however, that his little legs won’t allow him to reach the spot where the child is resting.Never underestimate the will and power of a puppy’s determination. Ollie decides that nothing will stop him from reaching his sis.

He tries repeatedly to jump from his cozy bed up onto the area where Laura Olivia is drinking her bottle. All the while, the sweet kid giggles and watches her furry friend struggle to jump.Before long, the strong-willed pooch reaches his destination, tries to take a lick of her bottle, and then does the sweetest thing.

He curls up on the child’s tummy and decides it’s nap time.

Watch for Laura Olivia’s smile and the cutest beagle puppy in the video below.