Shy shelter dog ‘opens up’ to his new brother

Sadly, some dogs aren’t shown the love and care they deserve. Dogs are some of the sweetest and kindest animals, but they aren’t always shown that kindness back.A dog named Hedgie is an example of this.Hedgie was a dog who had a rough start to life.Every day, he was left outside, tied to a post.

Since he was a puppy, his entire day was spent tied to that same post, never getting the affection that he needed.As a result, Hedgie was terrified of everything.Anxiety and depression in dogs can cause them to be incredibly skittish and wary. For Hedgie, he had some things he needed to get over that had stayed with him since he was a puppy.

Even when the incredible news of him getting adopted became a reality, Hedgie still struggled with everyday life.
Everything was a potential threat to Hedgie.

Even with his new and loving family, Hedgie would hide under tables constantly.

Thankfully, Hedgie made a friend named Mason. Mason was the son of the family who adopted Hedgie.
When he realized how scared the dog was, Mason knew just what to do. For dogs, everything is about your bond.

When a dog has a secure and healthy bond with a human, they make the BEST companions. So often it isn’t the dog’s fault that they are acting the way they are. Mason understood this. If Hedgie was scared, he was going to focus on the bond between the two of them.

The easy solution? Give him a comfortable spot on his bed!
Mason decided that he was going to go with the simple solution of letting Hedgie sleep in the bed with him. After a few nights of bonding, Hedgie was a completely new dog! He stopped hiding and the two of them became best friends.

Even though Hedgie was no longer scared, he still had a battle ahead of him.

Soon, the resilient dog started having trouble eating and walking. The family took Hedgie in to see what the issue was. Once they found out, it wasn’t good news.

Hedgie had megaesophagus, a disease that causes his esophagus to swell and made eating incredibly hard. The only options were to put the dog down or care for him with intensive needs.
For the family, Hedgie’s life wasn’t something to toss aside.

The family, especially Mason, devoted their time to caring for the needy dog. Even with his unique condition, Hedgie was still part of the family. They got him a special chair and started feeding him his required food.

Hedgie has a loving family and a long life ahead of him.

Mason showed Hedgie some love and care, and Hedgie rewarded him with loyalty and cuddles. How sweet! If you want to see more photos and videos of Hedgie and Mason, follow them on Instagram.

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