Shy Stray Cat That Watches Home Kittens Play Inside Finds Forever Home

A stray cat, now named Buddy, used to sit by the glass window outside a home, watching kittens playing inside.Danielle Chavez soon took him in and helped in finding him a forever home.Buddy is now with a young couple who took him home for good.Danielle Chavez, founder of With Grace Rescue in Las Vegas, has been fostering many rescue animals at home.One day, in late October, she noticed that a lonely tuxedo cat started showing up in her backyard — watching the kittens inside her home, as if longing to have them as his playmates.

Danielle wasn’t sure from where the cat was, whom she called Buddy. She first thought that he was just from the neighborhood or the local cat colony, but later on discovered that she wasn’t neutered or microchipped. She then had the stray cat neutered and vaccinated.Although it was painful for her to release such a friendly cat, Danielle had to return Buddy to her backyard as they “had a full house” already, with kittens in every room.

“But there was just something about Buddy, so I promised him if he kept coming around, as soon as we had a spot for him, we would bring him inside and find him his forever home,” Danielle told The Dodo.

Buddy kept the routine he had settled in for quite some time and continued to visit Danielle’s home for the next month. As soon as a spot opened up, Danielle kept her promise.

At first, it was difficult for her to make Buddy adjust to his new life.

“We tried everything over the course of a week to lure him in, but he just wasn’t having it,” Danielle said. “He would sit at our sliding glass door and just stare at our cats and want to play with them, but he just couldn’t get up enough courage to come in.”

Luckily, Buddy was lured in by a humane trap Danielle had set up. He finally went inside the house and got the time to play with the kittens he once used to just watch from afar.

“He became confident and really enjoyed human companionship and being spoiled rotten,” she said. “He is so goofy, silly, playful and lovable.”

In her quest to find Buddy a forever home, Danielle started receiving adoption applications for him, until she found the perfect fit for the energetic cat — a young couple named Jake and Ryanne.

The couple was still in mourning for losing their cat.

“When I read Jake and Ryanne’s application, I just knew it was the one. Their story touched my heart and I knew our Buddy was the right guy to heal theirs,” Danielle shared.

From a “stalking” cat, Buddy is now a pet cat under the loving care of his new-found parents. He “got his happy ending with a great forever family.”