Sick Dog Kept Looking For Love Amongst Strangers, Gives Up And Cries All Alone

Buzu, a homeless dog, was found roaming the streets of Romania, desperately seeking companionship. Nobody knew where he came from, but all he ever wanted was a touch of love from a human and a home to call his own.However, Buzu’s efforts to find love were met with cold indifference from most strangers. Some would occasionally throw him food, but mostly, he survived by scavenging for food in the dirty dumpsters of the city.

For shelter, all he had was a flimsy cardboard box.The filthy existence on the streets eventually got to him. He got sick with severe mange and the harsh scavenged food damaged his teeth. When rescuers from “Howl Of A Dog” found the flea-infested Buzu, he was lying hopelessly, waiting for an end to his loneliness and pain.With much effort, the rescuers managed to gain Buzu’s trust.

When Buzu finally realized that he was being saved, he got teary-eyed and cuddled up to his rescuers! He was then taken to the shelter and given a long overdue bath and treatment.

Soon, Buzu flourished into an extremely loving and friendly dog. The shelter found Buzu a perfect forever home in England, where his new mum runs a daycare facility for dogs.

To top it off, Buzu has a cat and a dog to keep him company all the time. Looks like Buzu will never be lonely again!