Skittish Rescue Dog Was Afraid Of Everything Until He Spent A Night With His Brother

We all go through difficult things in life. Some of these things can be so horrifying that they can leave us with years or even decades-long of emotional and mental trauma.This is no different for animals. There have been many situations where dogs have been left physiologically (and even physically) scarred because of the neglect and abuse that they have unfortunately suffered at the hands of humans beings.Sadly this is a lot like Hedgies’ story

In his younger years, the now rescued pup suffered greatly at the hands of those who were supposed to care for him the most. Wind, shine or rain, Hedgie was kept chained to a post in the backyard of his previous owners home.After spending years at the mercy of his former owner Hedgie grew extremely skittish and was scared of everything, even after being rescued and rehired Hedgie struggled to get pasted his difficult pasted.

Thankfully, his new forever family refused to give up on him, they did all they could to make sure that Hedgie felt loved.

Yet still, Hedgie would spend much of his day hidden under tables and chairs, unable to overcome his anxiety. That is until Mason, the oldest child of his family stepped in.


The two had already developed some sort of a bond, Hedgie would spend short periods of time with Mason before quickly scuttling off to hide once again. Concerned for Hedgie, one day Mason lured him into his room with him to spend the night with him.

Miraculously, Hedgie’s behavior started to change and after spending two nights sleeping with Mason, Hedgie was a new dog.

He no longer ran or hid under furniture but was clearly happier and would follow his big brother Mason everywhere!

The two have been inseparable ever since and when Hedgie was recently diagnosed with megaesophagus, a rare condition that affects Hedgie’s ability to swallow, Mason still didn’t give up on his best pal.


The condition left the family with only two options, either put Hedgie down or watch Hedgie very closely.

With the latter being the only real option for the family, Mason and Hedgie got even closer, with them spending as much time together as possible, as best friends should of course!Dog

This goes to show how far love and affection can go, even when you been through the worse.


Sometimes, all you need is a bit of love and care. Mason and Hedgie are still inseparable and he is no longer hiding behind tables! In the end, we all just need a bit of love, right?