Small Kentucky Town Elects A Pit Bull As Their Mayor

When a brown and white pit bull was born in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, no one had any idea there were big things in store for her future. Yet three years later, she is now Mayor of the tiny town.Several years ago, the small riverbank town with a population of 315 decided to stay out of politics and elected not to have a mayor.

Rather, they opened their elections to any of the warm blooded creature that lived in their community that had a heart to serve.The competition was fierce in the mayoral race. A chicken, a cat, a donkey and a human child all ran a great race but in the end, Brynn won by a landslide with 3,300 votes!

Now you may be wondering how in a town on 315, she could win so many votes. And no, she didn’t cheat. Rather the citizens of Rabbit Hash turned their political race into an important fundraising event.

With each vote costing a buck, the town raised money to help their tiny community. They collected $8,965 to repair the town’s iconic general store, which had been severely damaged in an electrical fire.

Despite the role being an unpaid position, Mayor Brynn is very busy in her new role. In her first official duty, she appeared alongside Santa Claus at a Save the Animals Foundation event in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Since then, she has been supporting her local shelter, meeting and greeting fans, shaking paws, and licking babies!

There’s no telling just how far she’ll go leading the town and making life better for the citizens.

If you ever find yourself driving anywhere near Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, be sure to stop by and shake paws with the adorable Mayor.