Smart Dog Creates The Best Hiding Spot Ever The Mattress

Lili is a one-of-a-kind dog with her problem-solving skills.She likes figuring things out that she could easily escape from a closed kennel.
One of her favorite creations was probably her hiding spot inside the mattress — a hole she dug in herself so she could snuggle up inside, with her eyes peeking through.Lili is the kind of dog who’s into problem solving. She likes to figure things out and keep her mind working — perhaps she finds it fulfilling or maybe just for the sake of it.

Her mom, Stephanie Williams, told The Dodo that Lili took agility classes for a few years.“She would get bored with jumping over jumps and simply walk through them because she knew the bar would easily fall down. She figured out how to escape from a closed kennel by pushing the perimeter of her kennel with her nose to find the weak point of the kennel. Once she found it, she pushed her head through, and eventually her whole body,” Stephanie said.

The fur mom added that she even had to set up a camera to figure out how Lili was escaping.

One day, when Lili was recovering from a leg surgery, she had to wear a cone on her leg. With the cone on, she couldn’t fit in her kennel so Stephanie had to put her in her bedroom.

The cone made Lili so uneasy so she was figuring out how to get it off, but with no success. So, to keep her mind off of that annoying cone, the pup diverted her attention to something else — the bed she was exactly resting on.

As soon as Stephanie opened the door to check in on her, she was greeted with a messy foam.

“She dug a hole in the mattress … I re-stuffed my mattress to the best of my ability, put a mattress pad over it and thought this problem was temporarily resolved.”

Then Stephanie just put it behind her.

Months later, Stephanie left her bedroom door open while washing her sheets and mattress pad. When she came back, she noticed a pair of gazing eyes from inside the mattress and she couldn’t help but laugh.

The little Lili has remembered what she created months ago!

“When I walked into my room and turned the light on, I saw a giant lump in my mattress,” she said. “It was Lili. She crawled into the hole she created months earlier.”

With her cone already removed, Lili must have realized that she fit perfectly into the hole she made herself and decided to snuggle up inside.

“I grabbed my camera and got a couple pictures of her inside the mattress, and recorded her venture out of the mattress. She did seem quite cozy in her little burrow she had created. I wasn’t upset with her, the damage was already done from her digging the hole.”

Out of all her mind creations, this mattress hiding spot might probably be one of Lili’s favorites.