Smart Rabbit Digs Out His Kitten Friend Who Is Trapped Under A Shed

Predator and prey usually make unlikely friends. But, this kitten and his bunny friend prove that best friends truly do come in all shapes and sizes.Pelu the kitty found himself stuck under a shed at his home in Spain. Unable to get out, the poor cat was trapped and needed a helping hand. We’re not sure how long the kitten was trapped, but finally an unusual friend noticed him and stepped up to help.

The friend was Chasky, an adorable quick-thinking rabbit. When he discovered Pelu trapped under the shed, he didn’t hesitate to lend a helping paw. The little thumper immediately got busy to free Pelu.Chasky, the spotted bunny, approached the shed. When he saw Pelu trapped underneath, he knew he needed to help. He quickly began to dig out his little friend, “Never fear, Chasky the bunny is here…”

Since bunnies are natural diggers, the rabbit made quick progress on digging a small tunnel for Pelu to escape through. The bunny continues to dig and every once in a while a white kitten paw would stick out, checking on the rabbit’s progress.

Chasky dug, dug, dug and dug some more working hard to free the trapped cat. The smart rabbit stopped only to move the little mounds of dirt so they wouldn’t fall back in the hole. He would stop and scoot the dirt aside, making more for his little excavation project.

Finally, the rabbit finishes the tunnel and out climbs Pelu! The grateful kitten looks no worse for his experience and is happy to be out from under the shed. Despite being trapped in the dirt, his fur is still snow white as he makes his way to a nearby shelter.

By now, cute little Chasky is exhausted from digging out the cat and lays down to rest. The kitty goes over to thank the bunny for helping him and the adorable scene is too cute for words. The two buddies seem happy to be united.