Sneaky Cat Steals Dog’s Favorite Bed, Now Mom Has To Deal With Dog’s Hissy Fit

Dogs can be very possessive about their belongings. Most dogs have their favorite toys, beds and even sticks. Cats on the other hand hardly seem to care about such things. They eat what they like, play with anything they fancy, and sleep wherever they want.

The dog in this video is having a bad day because of her stubborn cat sibling. The cat has decided to nap on the dog’s favorite bed, leaving the dog fuming. But instead of standing up to the cat, the dog proceeds to channel her displeasure toward Mom!

The dog not only summons Mom but also starts whining incessantly as she demands her bed back. Poor mom tries to reason with the cat and get him to leave the doggie bed, but the cat is not in a mood to let go of the cozy bed yet. He ignores Mom and resumes his pleasant siesta!

All hell breaks loose once the dog realizes that Mom has failed to retrieve her bed. She expresses her disappointment by giving Mom the coldest stares and throws a very whiny tantrum.

The dog is clearly VERY upset, and now Mom has to deal with it on her own. We wonder if she ever managed to get her 2 babies to make truce!