Sneaky Dog Goes For It, Gets Caught & Thinks About Finishing What He Started

Traci Grimsley was working on her laptop in the kitchen when Luke the Golden Retriever schemed up a plan. The dog didn’t think Mom was watching and decided to just go for it. But mothers always know what’s going on, and Traci started recording it. She just didn’t think he could reach that far back on the countertop!

As soon as the dog was caught, he gave that guilty stare with the bowl still hanging from his mouth! And then it looked as if he was going to finish what he started even though he was in the middle of being told no!“He’s lucky he’s cute!” Mom said as a caption on the Instagram video.

It turned out Luke had just eaten his dinner right before his maneuver, he just likes to get a rise out of Mom every once in a while and see what he can get away with!