Social Distancing Is Leading To An Uptick In The Number Of Dogs Being Fostered

Social distancing might mean staying away from other people and not socializing for the time being, but this doesn’t apply to our pets. More and more people are seizing the opportunity to bring a dog into their lives for company as they abide by the recent isolation and shelter-in-place policies.

Erin Trotta decided to foster Bubba, a 10-month-old Mastiff, while she’s stuck working at home. She’s just one of many who have taken in a pet to care for while the coronavirus epidemic prevents us all from seeing family and friends.And with the virus still spreading, this means more pets ending up abandoned and in shelters due to their owners becoming sick and losing their ability to make a living to provide for them.

So it’s more important than ever to help these shelter animals by giving them a home.