Soldier Rescues Baby Squirrel And Saves His Life, Now They Drive Around Town In Their Taxi Every Day

We love unusual friendships, and these two friends share an unexpected but beautiful bond.Masik is a squirrel, and Pyotr Pankratau is a a former Belarusian army soldier, and the two friends spend all their time together.It all started when Pankratau was still in the army, and he found a little squirrel in desperate need of help.The baby squirrel was lying dying by the side of the road, but Pankratau took pity on it and saved its life by nursing it back to health.

Pankratau named the squirrel Masik and used a syringe to feed it milk and help it grow strong and healthy.After that, Pankratau and Masik were bonded for life, and when Pankratau left the army he, of course, took Masik with him.Now, Pankratau drives a taxi and Masik is always along for the ride.When Pankratau found Masik, the little squirrel was weak and suffering.

Pankratau knew that the squirrel wouldn’t survive if he didn’t save it.

After saving the squirrels life, he named it Masik.

Now, Masik is thriving and follows his saviour all over Minsk.

Masik loves going to work with Pankratau, who drives a taxi.

While Pankratau drives, Masik just hangs out and enjoys his company.

Pankratau loves his little ride-along, and always makes sure he’s safe and comfy.

And he is so proud of the happy little squirrel he’s grown up to be

These two love each other so much.

And plan on driving around together for a long, long time.