Spoiled Diva Dog Won’t Eat Until His Food Is Placed Directly In Front Of Him

We love our dogs, and we spoil them as much as possible. The downside to that, though, is that we can create some real divas! All dogs seem to have their quirks, but extremely spoiled pups take them to a whole new level. Just look at the dog below!Mom puts some food in the bowl and places it on the floor. But the hungry dog just stares up at her.

“Are you hungry, do you want your dinner?” mom asks her pup.Mom should know by now, this dog won’t even think about eating until that bowl is placed directly under his mouth! Mom created this “monster,” and now she must live by his rules! She slides the bowl over to the dog, but he’s also a little shy when it comes to eating in front of people.

He’s very hesitant to eat while he knows people are watching!

“Are you shy, are you bashful?” mom asks. But he’s hungry, so he eventually starts eating!