Squirrel Malfunctions When He Suddenly Realizes Where His Snacks Came From

You’re a happy little red squirrel foraging in the forest for seeds, nuts, and your favorite squirrel foods when suddenly the mother lode of goodness appears in front of you.In your haste to sample the tasty morsels, you begin stuffing your chubby squirrel cheeks all the while thanking your lucky tree for such a treat! Yum, yum, yum, tasty!

Suddenly you regain your senses and BAM, you think…what the…it’s not supposed to be this easy and what is this thing holding my nuts? Even your tiny squirrel brain knows this is too good to be true!So you freeze, I mean my gosh, its freaking snacks so you’re not going to run!You wring your little hands and ponder the situation.

What to do, what to do? All the while you’re ears are on high alert as you stare at this wonderment in front of you. It seems friendly enough but you’re not sure at all.

It’s now moving….it’s touching you…its forcing the nuts into your paws…

OH MY GOD, its piling the little nuts onto your tiny folded mitts!

Is this the best day of your life? Is it the worst day of your life? You don’t know its 2020 and anything is possible. What you do know is that these nuts keep piling up and they are delicious.

You’re in a haze but finally, you come to your senses, drop your nuts, take one more bite, then scamper off into the woods where life makes more sense.

We wonder what stories this little guy told when he reunited with his squirrel friends?