Staffy Sneaks Into Neighbor’s House Every Day To Join Their Kids’ Bath Time

Aeida the Staffordshire Terrier hates the bath, but when it comes to bath time with her tiny neighbor, she is all for it.Aeida is best friends with the neighbors’ dog, Cashew, and the two of them love to play with each other every day.Since they enjoyed spending so much time together, their families decided to build a doggy door between the two houses so that the dogs can come and go as they please.

But it turns out that playdates with Cashew wasn’t the only thing that Aeida was using the doggy door for.One day, Aeida’s mom, Nicole Ackehurst, received a Facebook message from the neighbors of a picture of Aeida sitting in their bathtub.Aeida may hate the bath in her own home, but she has become obsessed with joining in on the neighbors’ kids’ bath time!

It has now become a routine, and most nights before their bath time, Aeida will go through the doggy door to accompany them every chance she gets.

The neighbors don’t mind it one bit and love having her there, and so do the kids.

H/T to The Dodo.