Stray Cat Brings All Her Babies To Meet The Woman Who Helped Her

Meet Lisianne, a lady from Canada who found out that life can be full of magical moments, reminiscent of a Disney movie.The lady who is from Quebec, began a friendship with a cat she had fed after wondering into her garden.The cat would often come back often for food, affection, and to play with the woman.

Lisianne had settled into some sort of routine with the cat she named Usagi. Every day, she would set out food for the waiting cat and with each day that went on, Usagi trusted Lisianne more and more.One day, Usagi’s belly showed some growth and Lisianne knew that it wasn’t from her new generous diet.“With this routine, the lady gained confidence and the kitty started getting close,” Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a local rescue group, wrote on Facebook.

“The kitty gave birth outside, but she came back every day to eat.”

Then one day Usagi the cat came back and but she wasn’t alone.
Lisiannes suspicions were true and the momma cat was indeed pregnant. After she gave birth, she brought all 6 of her gorgeous kittens to meet Lisianne to meet after some time.

One by one, Usagi put the kittens in a line on the porch.

5 of the 6 three-month-old kittens were then taken into the care of a local rescue group, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, to find a forever home.

Before you start worrying about what happened to the 6th kitten, don’t— it was adopted by a friend of Lisianne’s.

At the shelter, rescue workers had discovered that Usagi had asked for help just in time.

The remaining kittens were suffering from conjunctivitis and had difficulty breathing.
The vet was able to treat them, and their health quickly improved.

As they healed, they started to grow accustomed to being around humans.

“The babies were reserved, they needed socialization,” Chatons Orphelins Montréal said.

“They started trusting and coming out of their shell. The little ones love having fun together.”