Stray Cat Loves His Sister Dog And Won’t Stop Kissing Her

Lars the cat and Saltie the dog are best animal friends. They have a special kind of friendship that everyone admires. They are close, and they do everything together no matter what happens. For them, their strong bond was the best thing in the world.

Saltie’s mom adopted her when she was just one year old. For a while, her life was good as she was the only pet in the family. Then one day, Saltie’s mom found Lars inside a box in the middle of a blizzard. She took the kitten home, and just like that, Saltie had a baby brother.

At first, Saltie didn’t like Lars and often stayed away from him.

However, their mom wanted them to treat each other like brothers and sisters do, so she made them hang out together! And eventually, they were best friends.

We love this story as nothing is better than a little puppy and a baby kitten who grow up to be best animal friends. If you love Saltie and Lars.