Stray Cat Wanders Into Firehouse And Chooses The Crew As His Forever Family

It’s not a secret what happens when people get a cat. We know so well that cats choose their human, or humans in this case, and not the other way around. This time the earth warming cat story comes from Belmont Fire Department in Greenville, SC, where a stray cat chose its crew as his forever family.

The crew and its Chief, Anthony Segars, fascinated by such a wonderful event, decided to name the cat Flame. From then on they took care of him by feeding him, giving him gifts, and just being friends with him, who brings so much joy to the firehouse. Scroll down to read the rest of the story. You can follow Flame on Instagram to stay up to date about his daily life at the firehouse.

(h/t: lovemeow)

This is Flame the arson cat. He was once a stray cat who came to the Greenville, SC, firehouse with a hungry tummy. After charming all the crew, they fell in love with him and fed him with all the fried chicken he could eat.

Since then Flame made the firehouse his forever home and the crew has been his forever family.

This sweet cat brings joy to the firehouse and loves the to cuddle with the Fire Department crew.

This lovely cat always roams around the place to offer help and just cheer on everyone while working.

Flame is used to all the noises and alarms in the place and he enjoys watching his humans take off to do their thing and save the day.

Flame is a really dedicated cat. He checks the hoses daily and makes sure they are all in good condition.

He also enjoys some playtime and this particular spot is his favorite one to play hide and seek.

He also gets gifts from human admirers, and he loves this blanket with a fire truck on it.

And when it’s time for sleep, he gets tucked in his bed by his loving new fam.

This cat is definitely filling the whole Belmont Fire Department with so much love and everybody’s just happier when he’s around.
With the crew’s hectic schedule and stressful job, Flame becomes an instant stress reliever and comforts everyone’s tired soul.

Flame earned himself his very own helmet for all the hard work he’s poured in this job.

Flame is grateful for his forever fam for taking good care of him, in return he makes sure he gives them all the love and laughter he could give.

Flame the arson cat now has nearly 22,000 Instagram followers and has fans from all over the world.

He’s got a lot of cute videos in his Instagram, here is one of them.

And here’s one more, because we just can’t enough of him.

Here are some more photos to brighten up your day

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