Stray Dog Finally Relaxes When He’s Being Taken To His New “Forever” Home

Snowy the dog lived a very rough life on the streets of Dubai in India. He was living moment to moment and found eating scraps of food beneath a car. Thank goodness the universe shone its light on Snowy the day Anand Raman visited his sister at work.As Raman walked to the office, he noticed the dirty dog on the streets. He didn’t plan to help a dog on this particular day, but fate intervened.

The dog came up to the kind man and allowed Raman to pet him. Eventually, he carried the pooch to his car, and he immediately snuggled up on his shoulder and fell asleep.Raman drove the dog to the vet, discovering he had rickets, causing a wobbly gait. He later gave the dog a bath and saw the beautiful white fur, hence the name Snowy.

The man adopted the sweet pooch and slowly acclimated him to daily life. Though initially very frightened by walks and most people, he came around with time.

Snowy still loves snuggling with his new owner and we love that a good Samaritan stepped in to give this beautiful dog a second chance.