Stray Dog Interrupt Soccer Match, Gets Adopted By The Player Who Carried Him Off The Field

This is the moment an adorable stray dog decided to take the fate of its home football team into its own paws during a game in Bolivia.On last Xmas eve, the adorable pooch stole the show for three minutes and had some great moments of glory.The mischievous dog joyfully wandered around with a stolen football boot in its mouth and ran around in circles before the game came to a halt.

He was running around for three minutes while chewing on the substitute goalkeeper’s shoeThe stray pup also received some well-deserved belly rubs from players on the field before being carried off the pitch by a player from the home team, Raúl Castro.Later, the doggo named Cachito not only won the hearts of fans, but it also seems, was a good luck charm for the home team as they won the match 3-0.

The story doesn’t end there though, and it seems, the dog got more than it bargained for (unless that was its plan all along).

The dog named “Cachito” refused to give up his moment of glory and treated players’ attempts to subdue him as belly rubs

A player from the home team, Raúl Castro, eventually caught the pooch and carried him off the pitch

Unfortunately, a few days after the match, the stray was found in poor condition after being struck by a vehicle

Luckily, the dog was rescued by a local shelter and was slowly recovering.

After hearing the bad news, Raúl Castro, the player who escorted Cachito out of the stadium, decided to adopt the pup!

‘I got in contact with the shelter and told them that I will adopt him,’ Castro said. ‘He will be named Cachito, the name people gave him.’