Stray Dog Visits Car Dealership Every Day, Gets A “Job” And His Own Badge

If you set your eyes on something and don’t stop working towards it until you succeed, you can transform your life.In Brazil, a tenacious stray pup managed to get a job and a home through sheer persistency and willpower.The stray, now named Tucson Prime, was hired by a Hyundai Prime dealership after repeatedly visiting the premises.The staff at the dealership first noticed Tucson earlier this year; the stray was hanging around the dealership and initially, the staff thought he was just passing through.

But after a while, it became evident that the pup had decided to make the dealership his permanent home.The pup was constantly hanging around outside and seemed determined to stay there.By this time, the staff had grown very fond of “their” little pup, and decided that they were more than happy to let him stay.After all, having a cute dog around makes any day better.

Then, on a stormy night, they took it one step further and brought the pup into the store.

The showroom manager, Emerson Mariano, simply couldn’t stand the thought of letting the pup sit all alone outside in the cold and stormy weather.

Emerson soon found that the pup was incredibly sweet and affectionate.

Despite being a stray, the pup had a way with people and was simply heart-meltingly kind and lovable.

The pup stole everyone’s hearts and it was soon decided that the little stray should be adopted and taken care of by the dealership.

They named the little pup Tucson Prime, and immediately set out to make him as safe and happy as possible.

First, they needed to make sure that he was in good health, and so they took him to the vet.

At the vet, Tucson received a thorough check-up and was then given all necessary vaccinations to keep him happy and healthy

After getting his vet visit over and done with, Tucson was brought back to the dealership and was introduced to his new life as the dealership’s cutest new staff member.

The decision to bring Tucson in soon proved to be a great move on several levels; not only did Tucson finally have the love, safety and comfort he deserved, but the dealership also benefited from the arrangement.

Tucson, unsurprisingly, turned out to be quite the people pleaser, and once he started interacting with customers, the response from the public was overwhelmingly positive.

The customers loved Tucson and quickly began praising his customer service skills.

Multiple people have even returned to the store just to greet him and give him gifts or cuddles.

After spending so much time ignored and unloved while living as a stray, Tucson was overjoyed to finally feel loved and appreciated.

He suddenly found himself surrounded by love and happiness and now, the little pup is thriving.

And the customers are not the only ones who are smitten by Tucson; the staff appreciate the wonderful working environment the sweet pup is creating and love their furry little coworker.

His kind nature and adorable face make everyone more happy and relaxed.

Tucson’s considerable contributions to the dealership and its customers have prompted the dealership to properly “hire” him – they’ve even given him his own employee ID card!

Tucson is very excited about his new home, job, and life, and loves all the care and affection he’s receiving.

All that time hanging around the dealership has paid off and given him a life he could only dream about before.

He’s gone from living on the streets to having a home and a job and to being surrounded by people who love and appreciate him.

He’s become a local celebrity, and now the rest of the world is noticing him too.

And soon, the lovable pup will take the next step in his success story.

Hyundai has made note of the charming little dog and has asked Tucson to appear in a national advertisement campaign!

Everything is turning up Tucson, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

This sweet little pup finally has everything he needs and more and can wake up every morning feeling happy and content.

If you, like us, can’t get enough of his sweet face, you can follow him on Instagram where he shows off his new, wonderful life.