Stray Dog Who Brought Himself To Vet Now Ready For Adoption!

A stray dog brought himself to a vet to ask for help for his injury.The vet who attended to him did not only treat him but also gave him a name — Quindim — and helped ready him for adoption.Quindim has recovered well and is now very healthy and ready to be adopted.
Remember the stray dog who brought himself to a local vet? He now has a name, is super healthy, and absolutely ready for adoption!

A few weeks ago, Dr. Dayse Ferreira da Silva of Ceará, Brazil, was surprised by a skinny wandering dog who promptly entered her clinic and asked help for his injured paw.Dayse, owner and operator of Vet VIP, didn’t hesitate to help the poor pup.“Right away, I felt that he needed help and I invited him in,” she explained. “He kindly let me examine him and after some tests, he was diagnosed with a transmissible venereal tumor, which is a very common disease in stray dogs and also highly contagious.”

Dayse was surprised that she didn’t have a hard time treating the dog, whom she named Quindim, as he understood basic commands!

To help in covering the $700 treatment cost for Quindim’s tumor and other injuries, Dayse started a fundraiser for him. Quindim’s story inspired many people to donate, resulting in more than $3,000 donations!

With everyone wanting to offer help for the dog, he has now well recovered from his tumor surgery. What’s more exciting is the long list of humans who showed interest to adopt him!

Whoever will be Quindim’s new parents will surely be amazed at how this dog has done all he could to rescue himself.

And look at where his courage has brought him. What a brave little pup, indeed!