Stray Dog Who Wanders All Her Life Savors First Home Bed Experience

Sundae, a coonhound/Labrador retriever mix, has been wandering the streets all her life, until she was rescued and brought to a foster home.
As soon as she stepped inside the house, Sundae felt right at home.The bed is her favorite place to be and she loves being her mom’s snuggle buddy!Moving from a junk-filled backyard or a cold garage to a warm home for the very first time could be the best part of Sundae’s life so far.

For many years, she’s been wandering the streets, and even gave birth to puppies, with no one by her side. Her whole life, Sundae had never been inside a house, until she was rescued by Country Roads Animal Rescue Society from a dog-hoarding situation in Oklahoma City and brought to her foster mom’s home.

The coonhound/Labrador retriever mix’s face clearly lit up the moment she set foot inside the home. Sundae could have sensed that it’s a safe place to live and, well, to sleep. She must have tasted a glimpse of doggie heaven as soon as she lay down and felt how it was like to have a real bed — her favorite place in the house.

Her foster mom, who goes by the username Mugglequeen on Reddit, said that Sundae loves to sleep as close as possible to her in bed. She added, “I think she’s just making up for eight-ish years of zero affection.”

Her whole home experience seems to say that Sundae must really be an indoor pet. “We’ve had her for about a week, and you would never know that she’s never been an indoor dog before. She’s totally potty trained, incredibly gentle and she’s very polite indoors,” Mugglequeen said.

Besides being heartworm positive and needing some dental work, which are being treated, Sundae is in a good health condition. Her puppies are also being cared for by other foster families. All that’s left for Sundae to do is wait for her forever family

“Her perfect family would have a very chill lifestyle and have a ton of patience to help her continue to come out of her shell and gain confidence,” Mugglequeen said. “She will stay with me until her perfect forever family comes along!”

According to the foster mom, she named her Sundae as it seems to suit the gorgeous colors of her face — chocolate, vanilla and caramel — and more especially, her exceptional sweetness.

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