Stray Found Living On The Porch Of An Empty House Gets Bathed For The Very First Time

Blossom was found living on the porch of an empty house. Neighbors had tried to catch her, but she was so scared of human contact she’d run away in fear. The stray was in terrible shape and needed help in the worst way.Thankfully, Woof Pet Rescue was able to come through and rescue the homeless dog.

A lot of trust building was done in just one day, and the rescuers were able to bathe her for the very first time in her life.Being treated like a princess was a new thing for Blossom, but she could get used to this! Her skin condition will require intensive treatment, but in the meantime, she’s in the best hands.

Keep watching the video until the very end. A little furry friend shows up to keep Blossom company!