Stray Kitten Stuck Between Two Roadblocks Got Adopted By Her Rescuer

Kristyn was on her way home when she spotted a suspicious black furry thing on the road.She ignored it at first but then she was bothered thinking it could be a cat stuck in between two roadblocks!So she came back, found out she was correct, and rescued the poor tiny thing from her misery.Kristyn Gamblain was on her way home from work when she passed by a suspiciously looking black furry thing in between the two barriers on the highway. She just had a quick glance at it and continued on her way.

But it kept bothering her and she thought, was the furry thing squeezed in the middle of the barriers a kitten?So she turned back and looked for it again. She couldn’t remember where exactly she spotted the strange thing so she slowed even if it annoyed the other commuters behind her. Finally, she saw the black fur again and safely parked her car on the side.

Much to her surprise, she was correct that the strange black furry thing was actually a kitten — and the poor little one was stuck and helpless.

Somehow, the tiny cat got herself wedged in the narrow space between the two highway barriers. “[I was in] utter disbelief followed closely by amazement that she was actually alive,” Kristyn told The Dodo.

She was figuring out how to take the poor thing out from her ordeal when Officer Bennet, a highway patrol, saw what she’s doing and rushed to help. Soon enough, other cops were on the area, diverting the traffic, just so the tiny kitten could be saved.

Kristyn felt delighted how this tiny form of life has made a lot of people rally in one accord. Finally, they managed to gently take out the cat and everyone cheered in excitement!

“She gave a little meow after being freed and then she buried herself in my arms when I scooped her up — she honestly seemed a little shell-shocked but relieved to be rescued,” Kristyn said.

Without hesitation, Kristyn brought the cat home and took care of her.

“How could I not when I just spent 45 minutes rescuing her,” she said in a post on Facebook.

She named her Jersey and she’s now the newest and the sweetest member of the family.

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