Stray Kitten Waits Outside For Puppy Every Day, 1-Day Pup Decided To Keep Him

Delfina Plaja’s life changed when she received an adorable dog named Taco for her birthday last year.Taco is a tiny, affectionate ball of energy who brought so much joy to Plaja and her husband’s life in such a short amount of time. But what they didn’t know was that they would soon welcome another furball of energy into their lives.When Plaja was outside potty-training Taco, she spotted a tiny kitten who peeked out from under a parked car.

She was immediately fascinated by Taco, and vice versa.The little kitten wound up being a stray who had been living alone in an open garage. He survived off of food scraps that a neighbor was feeding him.When he approached Taco, he made it obvious that he was wanting to play. It was probably the first time that this kitten had the chance to make a new furry friend.

From that day forward, whenever Taco went outside for walks, the little kitten was there to greet him. The kitty began waiting for them outside of their building, and Taco started to whine to go outside more often, knowing his little friend was out there.

One day, Plaja brought the kitten inside during a rainstorm.

The bond he formed with Taco right away melted Plaja’s heart. She and her husband knew they couldn’t separate him and Taco so they decided to adopt the kitten and name him Tequila.

The two of them are the best of friends and are always together – whether it’s playing, eating, cuddling or sleeping together.