Stubborn K-9 Officer Refuses To Get In Car, Partner Has To Use This Hilarious Technique

A peaceful protest can be defined as expressing dissatisfaction with any issue. A peaceful protest, also known as nonviolent resistance or nonviolent action, is the act of expressing disapproval through a statement or action without the use of violence. That is exactly what this dog does toward his partner, Deputy Ryan Costin.

It’s time to go to work in the morning, but K-9 Officer Jango Fett is having a hard time getting it together. He has a severe case of the Monday blues…on Tuesday! Jango is a Belgian Malinois K-9 officer at the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland. He was put in the line of work detecting narcotics because of his high drive and strong work ethic. Jango also makes the ideal partner, he would do anything for his handler and partner, Deputy Costin, even take a bullet.

But even with the hero-like demeanor and obedience that he possesses, some mornings are just rough for everyone. That was how it was for Jango a few weeks ago. Deputy Costin commanded him to hop into the back seat of his patrol car, but Jango Fett refused! Instead of obeying, he actually flopped down to the ground and would not budge.

This goes on for a few moments out in the front yard of their home, with wife, Cassie, catching it all on video. The deputy continues to attempt to coax Jango into the car, but he will want none of it. After a while, right when it looks like Jango is about to give in, he halfway sits up and looks into the car. And then with a “nope, not today” attitude, plops back down onto the grass! This is the moment that his partner turned into his friend, just for a moment, and bent down to give him a nice belly rub. This did the trick and now Jango is ready to go. Maybe a belly rub to a dog is as a cup of coffee to their human. We’ll never know for sure, but this is quite cute to watch!