Stunning Sand Sculpture Of A Life-Size Elephant Playing Chess With A Mouse

An elephant playing chess with a mouse? Yes indeed, its the piece of art you didn’t know you needed to see… until now! World-renowned sculptor (mostly known for carving pumpkins), Ray Villafane, teamed up with fellow artist Sue Beatrice to create an amazing sand sculpture of a nine-foot life-size elephant named Chessie Trunkston playing chess with a field mouse named Hershel Higginbottom.

Sue even came up with a cute story to go with the sculpture:

“There was a young elephant named Chessie
who ate peanuts but was very messy
when a mouse had him beat

and with no way to cheat

he made one last move and compressed him”

This is a fun and incredibly detailed sculpture and just what we need in these crazy times!